Polling Matters

Ipsos MORI Politics + Society podcast. How does Starmer make it to Numner 10? With Ayesha Hazarika and Alastair Campbell

June 18, 2020

On the inaugural Ipsos MORI Politics & Society podcast, Keiran Pedley is joined by Ayesha HazarikaAlastair Campbell and our Chief Executive Ben Page to discuss historic poll ratings for the new Labour leader and where the Labour Party go from here after a historic defeat in December. Topics covered on the show include:

  • Starmer’s leadership ratings in context
  • Ben Page on the importance (and limitations) of leadership ratings
  • Ayesha and Alastair react to Starmer’s ratings
  • Ayesha Hazarika on lessons from the Miliband years
  • Alastair Campbell on Blair and leadership
  • The importance of the Shadow Cabinet + outriders 
  • How to repair the Labour brand
  • Starmer’s style of opposition
  • Labour, Scotland and the Independence question
  • Conclusions on Starmer’s main priorities and challenges

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Note on the podcast: Polling Matters is on hiatus but Keiran will post similar content from the Ipsos MORI podcast here as well until the main show returns.

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