Polling Matters - Ep. 77 US election special

October 12, 2016

On this week's PB/Polling Matters show Keiran is joined by US elections experts Mark Gettleson from Portobello Communications and hosts of the LSE US podcast 'The Ballpark' Denise Baron and Chris Gilson. 

Topics discussed include reaction to Sunday's debate and how the polls have moved since. Keiran questions whether US polls have an appropriately balanced sample. We look at polling on why US voters are voting the way they are - is it 'for' each candidate or 'against' their respective opponents? We also talk Trump's war with Paul Ryan and the potential impact of early voting and what to expect from the battle for Congress.
Today's guests can be found here:
Keiran Pedley

Mark Gettleson



Chris Gilson



Denise Baron


You can listen to the LSE podcast 'The Ballpark' here

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