Polling Matters - Ep. 74 Trump vs Clinton debates, 3rd parties and #Libdemfightback

September 21, 2016

On this week's show Keiran is joined by regular guests Leo Barasi and Matthew Shaddick from Ladbrokes to discuss the US presidential election and Lib Dem conference. 

On the US presidential election Keiran looks at the impact of third party candidates and what impact next week's debates will have on the race. Matthew explains how political bettors can make money betting on Hillary Clinton and the team guess which states Clinton will win in November.

On the Lib Dems, Leo looks at their prospects after this week's conference and their recent encouraging performances in local council by-elections. Keiran argues that they would be doing better with Nick Clegg as leader and Matt looks at the odds for the upcoming Witney by-election.

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