Polling Matters - Ep. 82 Trump tweets, Democrats future, Paul Nuttall and ICM poll

November 29, 2016

The PB/Polling Matters podcast is two years old! A big thanks to all our listeners for the 900,000 plus downloads in that time and to all the guests that have joined us in the studio.

On this week’s anniversary edition Keiran is joined by regular contributor Rob Vance and US Democratic Pollster (and one half of ‘The Pollsters’ podcast) Margie Omero.

Keiran, Rob and Margie look again at the US presidential election, Trump’s latest tweets and who to watch out for on the Democrat side looking ahead to 2020. Later in the show Keiran and Rob talk about Paul Nuttall’s election as leader of UKIP and Keiran looks at today’s ICM poll and explains why Labour focusing on the threat from UKIP may be missing the point.

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