Polling Matters - Ep. 90 Thatcher’s legacy with Charles Moore and looking ahead to Stoke & Copeland

February 22, 2017

This week's podcast is split into two parts:

In part one Keiran is joined by Charles Moore to discuss the legacy of Margaret Thatcher, how she compares to Theresa May, would she have voted Brexit and what we should make of the new 'fake news' phenomenon. Charles Moore is the former editor of both the Sunday and Daily Telegraph and The Spectator and also the authorised biographer of the former Conservative Prime Minister.

In part two Keiran is joined by Phil Burton-Cartledge, lecturer in Sociology at the University of Derby, Labour activist and blogger for 'All that is solid'. Phil has been on the doorsteps in Stoke and Keiran asked him about his experiences talking to voters, whether he thought Labour would hold the seat this week and how politicians can reengage with apatetic working class voters.

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