Polling Matters - Ep. 88 Article 50, German elections & past PM poll ratings

February 8, 2017

This weeks show is split into three key parts.

In part one, Keiran speaks to German political commentator and elections expect Nina Schick, who explains what we should look out for in German politics, the SPD surge and what the German government wants from Brexit.

In part two, Keiran is joined by Leo Barasi to discuss the latest Polling Matters / Opinium survey looking at whether the PMs of the past 30 years did a good or bad job and how this compares to current perceptions of Theresa May. Who do current Tory voters favour and what does Labour voter perceptions of Blair and Brown say about the party now? Keiran and Leo also discuss Bercow's Trump intervention this week and what's next for Clive Lewis.

Finally, Keiran gives his immediate thoughts in the aftermath of parliament voting to invoke Article 50 and Clive Lewis deciding to resign from Labour's front bench.

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